A2 Ghee

A2 Ghee

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Desi A2 ghee churned by bilona

Improves digestion & prevents gastrointestinal disorders

Improves bone & 
joint health, nourishes skin & hair

Improves cardiovascular health

Improves fertility by correcting hormonal imbalances

Great source of omega 3 fatty acids for better brain health


 Caring & feeding 
of cows 

Safe Milking Methods 

desi ghee 
by bilona 

of the art 

Pure Desi Cow's Ghee reaches your door step 

Know Native Ghee

Native milk comes from happy-gracing, healthy-fed and loving-cared pure breeds of desi cows. Enriched with the natural goodness of protein-rich A2 milk of indigenous cows, Native milk proves to be a vital part of a healthier diet. start your mornings with the natural goodness of native milk. Build a Desi Habit!

Other Benefits of A2 Milk

Benefits Growth and Repair 

Provides Vitamin D

Helps with digestion

Builds strong bones

A2 milk is different its does not contain the A1 protein that make people sick.

While normal milk  is a mixture of both A1 and A2 proteins. 

A2 Cow  Vs  A1 Cow

1 in 5 people think they are lactose intolerant 

Truth is, only 5% people are lactose intolerant

The problem isn’t with sugar (lactose).

Its is the A1 protein in the milk that makes people sick.

But, only a few desi cows such as the GIR cow can produce it.



Native Milk produces A2 milk from the indigenous (desi) Indian cow is perfect for people who has lactose intolerance. Structure of the A2 Native milk is similar to human milk. So all the human race can use A2 native milk without bothering about lactose intolerance .


I have been consuming Native A2 milk and Ghee since 3 months and I am happy customer of Native milk. Delivery service is also good. I feel light after having this milk as compared to regular milk. Consulted my doctor also before consuming it so thumbs up to this product.

- Vishal

Quality of Ghee is good and delivery service is also better as compared to other brands. I am satisfied with my purchase. I have recommended to my friends also this A2 Ghee

- Sonali

I am drinking Native A2 milk almost daily with no resulting digestive discomfort and it seems to me that my digestion has improved overall. Since last month I have started consuming their A2 ghee too, taste is better than normal ghee and seems to have more health benefits

- Kartik

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